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The etymology of astrology is located in the Greek ‘astrologia ,’ which is the amalgamation of two Greek words - astron , that means star ; and logos , that means learning . Astrology basically implies learning the stars . Astrology has been recognized by the peoples of the ancient world for more than 5 ,000 years , and had been utilized to learn how the celestial body impact the events , and the lives of people , on Earth . Tradition has it that astrology originated in ancient Babylon and historic Mesopotamia before 2000 BC . From here , the method of learning the sun , moon , stars , and the planets , and their impact on Earth reached Greece around 2400 years ago , 400 years before the birth of Christ . Then , through Alexander’s conquests , the technology spread to Egypt , the Middle East , and to India .
As indicated by a renewable school of thought , soothsaying was at that point pervasive in India , and this kind of crystal gazing – called Vedic Astrology – goes over to 6000 year .
Astrology Traditions
There are numerous diverse conventions of Astrology , some comparable , and some concentrated around distinctive standards . Of the various diverse conventions , few are :; Jyotish or Indian ( Vedic ) Astrology ; Babylonian Astrology; Kabbalistic Astrology ; Tibetan Astrology; Mayan c Astrology; Celtic Astrology ; and the Modern Western Astrology .

The Indian (Vedic) Astrology is Sidereal - where the zodiac is adjusted to 27 star groupings, or altered star gatherings. The Modern Western Astrology, then again, is tropical – partitioning the sky into twelve sections – all equivalent. The Chinese arrangement of Astrology created on totally distinctive standards, and comparative customs existed in the nations under the Chinese impact,.
How It Works

Astrology accepts that our lives are affected, our identities are molded, and the future course that our lives will tackle how the heavenly bodies, for example, the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets, are set when we are conceived.
We are truly used to the sort of prophetic readings we see in our daily papers each morning. This is the sun sign soothsaying, and is Astrology in its least complex structure. Just the date of your introduction to the world is needed, and you get exceptionally restricted comes about through this framework. Genuine experts of Astrology don't utilize this framework.
On the off chance that you need your readings to be more exact, the crystal gazer would oblige the definite time of your introduction to the world, to compute where in the Zodiac every planet was around then. He additionally needs to know in which indications of the group of stars are the planets situated. Drawing an exact horoscope is a complex methodology.

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